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de Bono Thinking Systems® Product Catalog

Please note: Most of our training products are only available through an Authorized Distributor. If you are looking for a specific product that you do not see listed in this catalog, please contact an Authorized Distributor in your region or Contact Us at de Bono Thinking Systems®.

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Handbook for the Positive Revolution 3020906 $15.50
A short and practical handbook for a new and constructive kind of revolution. Although written for the adult reader, in some parts of the globe this book is issued to every school child to foster positive attitudes and approaches to change. By Dr. Edward de Bono.
Innovation: Case by Case 21616 $17.50
*Limited Quantities*
The first compilation of printed success stories of more than 20 case studies in which the de Bono tools have made significant, positive changes to businesses and individuals worldwide. By Barbara Stennes. 96 pages.
Lateral Thinking 3021101 $24.99
Expand your creative powers with Dr. de Bono's techniques for thinking "sideways" - a proven effective method for helping nearly any human mind function as a creative tool.
Simplicity 3023101 $26.99
LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE Dr. Edward de Bono, the originator of Lateral Thinking, shows us how we can bring simplicity to our complex lives. 305 pages.
Six Thinking Hats 3020301 $22.65
In this new edition of a classic, Dr. de Bono shows you how to maximize your own mind’s effectiveness and improve any group’s collaborative efforts by separating thinking into six distinct modes.
Six Value Medals 21657 $25.99
A fresh and inventive framework for making creative but sound decisions in business. 163 pages.
Total Creativity in Business and Industry 21348 $22.65
David Tanner, founder of the DuPont Center for Creativity and Innovation, gives an experience-based road map for using de Bono Methods to change corporate culture. 186 pages.
Water Logic 4776701 $15.50
In Water Logic—a brilliant alternative to the dense inflexibility of Rock Logic—you will learn how to chart your current views, then focus attention on the power points which are most likely to generate change.