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de Bono Six Hats Introduction™


You have one or more intact teams trained and using Six Thinking Hats®. Now that team either adds a new person or is about to interact with another department that hasn't had the benefit of Six Hats training. You want to be able to tap into the full potential of the Six Hats, but everyone isn't up to speed. What do you do?

You harness the power of technology. de Bono Six Hats Introduction.

The purpose is simple. Get everyone on the same page. This 45-60 minute interactive tutorial introduces Team Members to Six Thinking Hats, allowing them to quickly become valuable participants when using the Six Hats framework. Although de Bono Six Hats Introduction is not a replacement for live training, it does accomplish a very important objective; it assures that Six Thinking Hats is introduced consistently throughout your entire organization.

When using Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats framework complemented by de Bono Six Hats Introduction, you can expect these powerful results:

Resulting in immediate and continued return on the investment.

Clients who have trained Team Leaders with instructor-led Six Thinking Hats workshops can purchase de Bono Six Hats Introduction passwords for Team Members. Team Members are prepared to immediately function as valuable participants under the leadership of a trained Team Leader. And, as new members join your team, they too will be ready to contribute immediately after they have participated in de Bono Six Hats Introduction.

The benefits are countless and the investment is affordable. Be sure to ask about the de Bono Six Hats Introduction Management System, which is included in the de Bono Six Hats Introduction package. This revolutionary feature serves as a way to monitor, encourage, and measure Six Thinking Hats usage within and teams across your organization.

To find more information regarding the de Bono Six Hats Introduction program, please contact an Authorized Distributor in your region or Contact Us at de Bono Thinking Systems.