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Focus on Facilitation™


What if you could walk into any meeting, with any group of people and help them be more effective? Can you imagine how sought after you would be? And how productive your meetings would become?

That's what Focus on Facilitation™ is all about.

This new course shows you how to combine tools from all three de Bono Thinking Systems core tools to become an expert facilitator for any kind of meeting. Get employees engaged and help them accomplish much more--before, during, and after attending the new kinds of meetings you will plan and facilitate for them.

This instructor-led workshop teaches practical tools; requires multiple, coached facilitation practices and includes many useful resources to support you in applying your new techniques:

With the proficiency gained from this course, you'll have complete confidence in your ability to work with groups as an expert de Bono facilitator. Participants will show up prepared and will contribute fully when you employ all your new tools and techniques. They will rave about your meetings and the results that come from them!

To find a Focus on Facilitation™ training seminar or certification course near you, please refer to the Global Training Schedule or contact an Authorized Distributor in your region.